Which license do you need?

All fonts purchased online come with our Standard License. If your project requires an extended license please contact us . All Rare Bird licenses are strictly enforced.


standard license


1 User : 2 computers maximum. For more than 1 user, you will need to contact us for a Multi-Seat Extension (see Extended Licenses).

OK for graphic design firm client work i.e. Wedding Invitations, Logos, Business Collateral, Packaging, etc. as long as you flatten files or outline type in PDF's before delivering the file to your client. If your client needs the font, they will need to purchase their own license.

OK for book and magazine titles not reproduced in epub form. For epublications, please contact us for an Extended License.

OK to use on your website in the form of a static logo or image.

OK  If you'd like to make products to sell, like wedding invitation suites or pillows, you can create up to 99 designs with your order, so long as each design is printed onto 300 products or less. If you want to make more designs, or more products, let us know how many and we can price that out for you.

OK for static broadcast usage. For interactive typesetting please contact us for an Extended License.

NOT OK Using the font on 3rd party template services. You may not upload or otherwise provide access to the font to 3rd party template services, including digital template services like Templett. You may use the font for digital designs that you make for your customers if you are working directly with the customer and if no 3rd party is involved. (This includes digital template services like Templett or Canva.) If you wish to use the fonts in designs uploaded to digital template services, you must first contact Rare Bird for a special extended license. Please note that all text in digital files provided to your customer must be outlined or rasterized, and any files produced are subject to the 99 impressions/300 item production limit explained in the Rare Bird Fonts EULA. Under no circumstances may you provide the font file(s) to your customer or embed them within a PDF. If you need to embed the font, please contact us and we'll help you get started with an electronic embedding license extension.

NOT OK  Producing letterform products. Letterform products reproduce the alphabet, individual letters of the alphabet, or individual numbers in a way that allows (or could allow) the end user to essentially reproduce the font in either physical or digital format (i.e. individual alphabet stamps, individual letters or numbers used for digital scrapbooking, A-Z posters, etc.). If you'd like to create these sort of products, or are unsure if your product is a letterform product, please contact us for more information.






Add more licensed users. Please send us a note with the number of users you'd like to add to your license.


For production of non-letterform products, please send us a note with your estimated production run.


For production of Letterform Products (products that reproduce individual letters of the alphabet or numbers in any way: stamps, stickers, A-Z posters, prints, etc), please contact us with the size of your production and a description of the item you'd like to produce.


For embedding the font in epublications.


For embedding a font in your mobile app.